Sports massage focuses on optimizing muscle, tendon, ligament and joint health in order to prevent sport injuries or promote healing after an injury has occurred.

If you are an athlete, you know that a great sports massage can make you feel 10 times better after a rough match or practice. It is almost always performed before, during or following a heavy workout. When you work the body hard, your muscles are constantly constricting and relaxing, pulling, pushing, pushing, thrusting and lifting, so it’s no wonder that they crave attention afterward. You will find different kinds of sports massage that focus on different factors of your muscles. Depending on the kind of muscle, the type of pain or even the type of release you want, you might request one of these specific massages.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is used to release tension and built-up pressure within the deep muscle tissues of your body. It concentrates on specific areas of your body which are tight, stressed or fatigued and it is often used to combat scar tissue that can be painful and injurious for your body. This type of massage uses slow, deliberate movements and deep pressure in the fingers onto a specific area. Deep tissue massage is known for feeling uncomfortable or even painful during and right after massaging, but releases great levels of muscle tension, leaving you feeling great inside a couple of days.

Rehabilitation Massage

When an athlete becomes injured having a sprain or a stress fracture, it is usually part of the rehabilitation process to massage the afflicted area with gentle rubbing and pressure. Generally, massage helps get blood flowing using your body and allows more oxygen to get at your muscles. The same theory pertains to small injuries. When you sprain your ankle, the body immediately tries to mend the injury by pumping blood and nutrients towards the area. This causes the injury to become inflamed and, consequently, more painful. By massaging the region, the blood is pushed in the injury, helping your blood flow correctly and allowing more oxygen to get at the affected area.

Swedish Massage

Most sports massages are obtained from some form of combination of swedish massage and shiatsu. Swedish massage is renowned for working deep muscle tissue and revitalizing your body, both of which are pertinent to the athlete. It focuses on applying pressure to strained muscles in order to increase oxygen flow and eliminate toxins that tire the muscles. From short and long strokes with palms, fingers, knuckles and elbows to kneading, percussive motions and vibrating motions, swedish massage lessens the recovery period of tired muscles, which makes it an ideal type of sports massage for athletes who train and compete daily.


The last technique-jostling-is intended to relax the muscle. Grip the muscle (e.g., triceps or hamstrings) together with your hand and shake it for around 10 seconds. Repeat two or three times. Jostling is wonderful not only for eliminating muscle stiffness, but in addition for alleviating muscle cramps (e.g., in the calves), which often occur during practices and games in hot or humid weather.

Techniques In Sports Massage

Sports massage techniques give relief from muscular skeletal stress which help to regain the tranquil condition of muscles. The different massage modes require a through disciplining program for sports persons. The sports massage techniques offer enormous advantages to athletes. A sports massage doesn’t only include just the exercise but additionally concern for the wounds and erosion that can take place due to arduous performance.You will find three main sports massage techniques:


Effleurage may be the beginning of a sports massage and it is performed with rising deep forces utilizing the whole palm. The strokes are targeted at the heart to develop lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The strokes on their return are simple and they follow a different path. Effleurage can also be utilized to complete a massage session, to eliminate waste and augment oxygen flow towards the particular area. It is performed with light shots to fully relax the client.

Benefits of this type of sports massage technique include:

  • Enhanced blood circulation
  • issue abnormalities could be detected
  • Warming up tissues
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Stimulation of nerve endings


Techniques In Sports Massage

Techniques In Sports Massage

The strokes of petrissage form of sports massage technique include kneading and movements. The motions for example skin rolling, wringing, lifting, pressing, knuckling and freeing from the muscle tissue are also used. This method is mostly used on deep tissues to build up flow of fluids as well as break down of any kind of adhesions or nodules. Additionally, it stretches the muscle fibers, and eventually relaxes the muscles. The advantages include.

Immediate warm up of the chief muscles

  • Pain reduction
  • Helps mend damaged tissue
  • Improves muscle suppleness
  • Defensive massage amends lymphatic drainage and blood circulation