Lymphatic Drainage techniques can purportedly help facilitate weight loss by helping to remove these unwanted substances from the body.

The lymphatic system is part of your body’s immune system. It transports nutrients and oxygen to cells, collecting toxins in route and then flushing the toxins out with the lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage techniques can aid in weight loss by helping to remove these unwanted substances in the body.

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage involves a set of manual techniques that can either be done by yourself through the use of simple exercises or by someone else during a lymphatic massage. During the process of lymphatic drainage, the lymph nodes are gently stimulated, encouraging these to discharge their contents throughout the lymphatic network, facilitating the removal of lymphatic waste in the body.

Lymphatic drainage massage

The lymphatic drainage massage uses very gentle pressure, long rhythmic strokes and pumping movements for the direction of the lymph nodes throughout the body, with the aim of getting rid of toxins in your body. Fat people or people who have sluggish metabolism will benefit from this treatment. This massage isn’t just relaxing but it increases the flow and volume of lymph fluid. Blocked lymph system can cause a toxic environment that lots of adverse health conditions can follow, including weight gain.

Lymphatic Drainage and Weight Loss

According to information from the DoritBaxter spa, lymphatic drainage via massage can help in weight loss by divesting the body of dead along with other unneeded material. This activly works to increase weight loss through two ways: with the loss of dead cells massaged out with the process and through increasing the efficacy of the the lymphatic system, allowing the body to perform its elimination processes without undue delay.


While lymphatic massage doesn’t produce permanent weight loss on its own it might aid you in removing excess bodyweight. It can help improve digestion and also the removal of waste products from your body. It assists to boost your metabolism by ridding the body of wast products through your lymph nodes. Removing the excess fluid from your body can also improve circulation. With a sensible diet and exercise program lymphatic massage will let you gain better results.

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage massage

Expert Insight

To permanently lose excess body weight you need to create a negative caloric balance within your body according to Dr. Len Kravitz of the University of New Mexico. Cutting your total caloric intake and enhancing the amount of physical activity that you do produces significant weight loss when compared with diet or exercise only programs. Make small changes over some time and gradually increase the amount of activity you perform for sustainable life changes.


While massage is helpful for most people discuss it with your doctor if you’re on medications and/or being treated for just about any chronic conditions. Your health and medicines can also affect your body weight so speak to your physician about weight loss. They may be in a position to guide you on your approach and setting a healthy weight loss goal.