Hot Stone Massage Therapy is a luxurious and beneficial therapy that uses warm basalt stones to massage your body.

Pregnancy massage is considered one of the most relaxing therapies a woman may include in her pregnancy routine. Using a pregnancy massage should involve an experienced massage therapist with certification in the field of pregnancy massage. Special devices are also needed for pregnant women.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Hot Stone Massage Therapy During Pregnancy

Hot stone massage is definitely an alternative form of therapy which involves heated rocks and pressure points. Acupressure therapy involves pressing on certain pressure points on the body to increase relaxation and heal. It’s believed that certain points on the body could induce labor therefore the hot stone massage should only be performed by a therapist been trained in the effects of all pressure points.

Hot stone massage is usually performed with a person lying on their own back or stomach. At the start of pregnancy this may not be a problem, but because the uterus grows these positions could. In the end of the first trimester, the uterus could be felt when lying around the stomach. Later, when the uterus weighs enough to chop off circulation to certain blood vessels when the expecting woman is lying on her behalf back, back hot stone massage should be avoided as well.

If the therapist has pregnancy massage tables, stomach hot stone massage can be carried out for the duration of the pregnancy. Pregnancy massage tables incorporate a supportive cutout where the tummy can rest without pressure. These tables are usually used during other forms of pregnancy massage but may also be used for warm stone massage.

Opting for a Hot Stone Massage

  • The stones used for a hot stone massage session are usually made of basalt. At times, therapists may recommend utilization of marble stones too. These stones are naturally rounded, smooth and flat. It’s a common practice to use stones which are about the size of an egg. Generally, natural stones found along river banks are preferred for that massage.
  • The therapy involves repeated heating of stones inside a vessel that contains some boiling water. Following the stones are heated sufficiently, they are placed on some desired acupressure points on the woman’s back or lower abdomen, thereby relaxing and soothing the stressed muscles.
  • Women generally face problems for example blood clotting or insufficient blood circulation to lower parts of the body because the pregnancy advances. Heat application may reduce stress levels in the human body. However, you will find restrictions to the usage of hot showers and baths throughout a pregnancy. In contrast, a hot stone massage continues to be reported as a safe and ideal natural remedy to improve the blood flow during pregnancy.

How to Go About It

  • The methods used for hot stone massages all over the world are bound to differ. However, be sure to consult your gynecologist before you choose a hot stone massage. Select a therapist only after getting a confirmation about his certification to practice pregnancy massages.

    Hot Stone Massage Therapy

    Hot Stone Massage Therapy

  • Remember, it is extremely easy to lie on your back or in your tummy in the early period of your pregnancy, mainly in the first trimester. However, as the pregnancy advances, you might find it difficult to lie down lying on your back. Therefore, you might need to find out if the massage clinic comes with a well designed massage table with supportive cutouts inside them that negate the chances of exerting pressure in your stomach.
  • When you arrive for the massage appointment, make sure to inform the therapist that you simply prefer a plain hot stone massage. It is advisable to avoid massages with essential oils and herbal lotions while pregnant.

Some Precautions

  • It is recommended that a gap of at least 1-2 hours is maintained between your meal and the massage. Ideally, don’t overeat before a hot stone massage.
  • Make certain to feel the temperature of the hot stones with your hands before they are placed on the back or lower abdomen. Sometimes, the therapist may feel the stones together with his own hands to ensure a suitable temperature. If you happen to feel uncomfortable using the temperature of the stones after they are placed, inform the therapist promptly.