Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy is widely used in spas to give you a soothing and calming effect.

Aroma therapy is an alternative medication that uses herbs and essential oils to improve your health and well being. Aroma therapy can have great physical and psychological effect on mind and body of a person. Aromatherapy can heal skin disorders with its antibacterial qualities. There are so many benefits of just inhaling feel good natural scents.

This would have to be one of the main Aromatherapy health benefits, especially with lavender being known to help lower stress levels, increase relaxation, and in turn, promote healthy sleep patterns. Obviously a good night sleep gives you more energy and has you feeling more alive during the day.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a complementary natural therapy. It embraces the notion of life force, whole organic food, good air and healthy lifestyle. Massage oils, poultices, steam inhalations, hand, body and foot baths, gargles and room sprays are the most common methods of administration. Aromatherapy incorporates yin and yang, reflexology, shiatsu, pressure points, vibrational healing, color therapy, crystals and meditation. It is a universal and abundant therapy that revitalizes the mind, body and spirit.

Aromatherapy and Your Body

As the oils are rubbed onto your body during a massage, they are quickly absorbed through your skin. They will then enter your hair follicles and travel to your cells where they mingle with the natural emollients of your skin. Since these oils are known to have deodorizing, cleansing, balancing, and toning chemical properties, they therefore help promote the health and well-being of your skin. Being the largest organ of your body, it is your skin that constantly suffers from the effects of environmental pollutants. And the fact that your skin generally reflects the overall state of your body’s well-being, it becomes even more important for you to care properly for your skin.

Aromatherapy and Your Spirit

Essential oils like frankincense have been used for centuries as part of meditation practices and prayer sessions. As the aromas penetrate your lungs, they inspire slow and regular breathing. This is ultimately expected to lead you to a deeply peaceful level of consciousness, which is the goal of practically all spiritual journeys.

Aromatherapy and Your Mind

As you breathe in the scent of the essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, seeds, barks, and roots, the part of your brain that affects your emotions is stimulated. The chemicals serotonin and endorphins are released. Serotonin is known to reduce anxiety, while endorphins reduce pain. The aromatic essence of the oils therefore helps promote a positive feeling and allows you to achieve emotional balance.

Considering the above, these are the specific benefits you can expect to get from regular aromatherapy sessions:

Helps with Mild Depression

Helps with Mild Depression

Helps with Mild Depression

Essential oils can be uplifting, so for those with the symptoms of mild depression, or even if you’re feeling a bit fed up or down, using aromatherapy, maybe through a massage, can be enough to perk you back up, and make you feel a little more positive.

Holistic Treatment

Aroma therapy is not just about massage or perfumed candles.The oils used in aroma therapy get absorbed by the body and create a long lasting radiant effect on the skin. These oils get into blood streams and work as perfect herbs for various diseases.

Cures Injured, Dry And Aging Skin

Oils and herbs used in aroma therapy have a soothing impact on the skin. Skincare treatment of aroma therapy can reduce fine lines on the face and reduce wrinkles. These can also cure bug bites and bee stings.