Back massages are offered at various massage clinics, massage centers.

A good back massage can relieve you of back pain, includes a calming effect on the mind and offers you with the very essential relaxation and stress relief, that you need. For a back massage to be effective, you should know the various pressure points and also the right back massaging techniques. Read on for more information about the back massage pressure points.

Back massages can be found at various massage clinics, massage centers and . Here, the massages are carried out by trained professionals who are good at providing various techniques of back massaging. Back massage may also be practiced at home, especially for people who suffer from back related problems, as, a frequent trip to a spa or massage clinic would not be affordable.

Back Massage Pressure Points

Back Massage Pressure Points

Pressure Points for Back Massage

Pressure points are nerves, which are bundled up at certain junctures, all through the body. When these nerves are manipulated by making use of pressure, they get stimulated through the pressure and this stimulation produces reactions in your body parts. Pressure points will be in use since ancient times, in different treatment options and were used to cure all types of aches and ailments. Aside from massage therapy, pressure points are also utilized in martial arts and therapies like acupressure, acupuncture and reflexology.

There are many pressure points on the back which are used in back massages. These pressure points are located on both sides of the spine, around the shoulder blades and on the lower back. Here, is really a detailed description of a few of pressure points.

  • The first point is located right at the top of the back, in the junction where the spine meets the neck, on the shoulders. It is midway between your neck and the shoulders. It ought to be pressed forward with your fingers by placing both their hands on the point.
  • The second pressure point is located between the shoulder blades, on both sides of the spine. Around one inch of pressure should be applied to both points simultaneously. Do not apply direct pressure around the spine at any time.
  • The third point is located on both sides of the spine, using the elbow of your hand. Apply one inch of pressure for about thirty seconds.
  • The fourth point is located on the muscles, below the line of the pelvis. Pressing this time may give rise to a little tingling within the leg, as the feeling will be a combination of pleasure and pain.
  • This the first is found below the arm pits, around the sides of the muscles, running from the arm pits towards the back.
  • You will be able to find this pressure point right behind of both the shoulders.