As we all know that there are many body massage oil and natural remedies, which helps to get glowing skin.

Smooth, healthy and glowing skin is natural desire of every person. To fulfill this desire, beauty conscious women spend a lot of money of commercial products including expensive body lotions and skin moisturizers but usually don’t get the desired results. However, you can also have smooth, supple and glowing skin simply by regular massage oil with any of the given massage oils which are less expansive and considered very helpful to get smooth, glowing and youthful skin.

body massage oil for glowing skin

body massage oil for glowing skin

Best Body Oil for Glowing Skin

Almond oil

One of the best skin care oil is Almond oil and this oil is very commonly used oil for skin care. And almond oil is extracted from dried kernels of the almond tree. This massage oil is one of those oils which are easily absorbed by the skin and that’s how it helps to make skin glowing. It also helps to reduce itchiness from skin and helps to reduce dry skin. The best properties of this massage oil are that it helps to moisturizers and nourishes the skin. Just apply and massage almond oil into your skin and leave for 30 min then wash it using warm water or if you have dry or itchy skin then apply it on your skin and leave it overnight then wash in the morning.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is my personal main choice for oil cleansing (my skin tends to be dry). Jojoba most closely resembles your skin’s natural sebum, so it’s a great skin conditioner and works well for combatting acne since it regulates skin’s own sebum production. It can be great for modulating massage oily skin. It’s rich in vitamins A and E and is a great anti-inflammatory agent for acne-prone or irritated skin. Also great for hair and scalp.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass oil is a good choice to increase your skin’s glowing appearance, because it has detoxifying and regenerative qualities. This native Indian and Sri Lankan oil will help minimize bacterial or microbial growth on your skin. It can be used as a fungicidal, astringent, and a way to minimize pores.

Sesame Oil

It is also a good natural oil for skin massage oil and also use to remove dryness.It contains vitamin A,B and E.It is comparatively thick oil but absorbed easily and protect your skin from UV Sun rays. It is also reduce skin wrinkles and give you younger looking and glowing skin.

Tea tree oil

If you are suffering from oily skin care and your pimples are infected then dabbing them with tea tree oil can really heal them quickly because this essential oil has both astringent as well as antiseptic properties. So it soaks the skin’s extra oily secretions and also offers therapeutic healing for your pimples.

body massage oil for glowing skin

body massage oil for glowing skin

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is super rich in skin softening monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Good for soothing itchy, sunburned skin and eczema. It makes a great whole body conditioning oil because it’s not too expensive. Also good for massage oil cleansing for dry skin. Great for hair also.

Monoi oil

Authentic monoi oil only comes from Tahiti, and it can be traced back hundreds of years ago when indigenous Polynesians in New Zealand used it for religious, medicinal, and beauty purposes. The massage oil comes from the Tahitian Monoi plant blooms, which are soaked in oil extracted from young coconuts. This oil will help your skin glow, as it provides long-lasting moisturizing properties, as well as purifies and smoothes skin. It can also be used to protect skin from sun and weather elements.

Coconut Oil

It is easily absorbed by skin and give a smooth,supple and glowing skin.It contains high amount of antioxidants and help a lot to fight against free radicals which may damage skin. Coconut Oil massage is also best for rough.dry and wrinkled skin.