Massage, in simple words, is the manual stimulation of body muscles that helps in muscle relaxation, enhance function, and provide a pleasurable and relaxing feeling.

Weight loss massage is helpful in ridding your body of toxins and improving various bodily functions that assist, both directly and indirectly, in your weight loss efforts. Whether you’re implementing an abdominal self-massage or visiting a professional massage therapist on a regular basis, the end result will very likely be a greater sense of relaxation, reduced stress and greater mood enhancement. Here are some beneficial types of weight loss massage:

How Does Weight Loss Massage Work?

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

According to this method’s proponents, it works in two ways. The first theory suggests that massaging your stomach in a particular way causes your colon to empty properly. As a result, detoxification occurs. With detoxification and a clear colon, your digestive system absorbs the right nutrients and eliminates waste efficiently. The second theory claims that massaging areas of fat can break down fatty cells, leading to weight loss. Both theories lack scientific evidence.

Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massages are usually performed by professional massage therapists. However, it is possible to perform an abdominal massage on yourself. First, place both hands at the center of your belly and massage the area in a circular motion. After massaging the inner area of your stomach, slowly move to the outer area. Gently press along the edges of your sides from your rib cage down to the top of your hip bones. As you massage your abdominal area, take slow deep breaths through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth. You may experience gas or burping after having an abdominal massage because stagnant materials in your digestive tract are starting to move through your system. Improving the health of your digestive system will help your body process and eliminate food properly supporting your weight loss efforts.

Full-body massage will improve the function of the body’s metabolism overall, while abdominal massage will target the digestive system and muscle structure in that specific area. Most experts agree that the better your entire body functions, the better your chances of weight loss.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is another type of weight loss massage that helps to increase relaxation and reduce the desire to binge eat. This type of massage engages the senses by drawing on the use of essential oils during the massage. The oils are extracts from flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds.

People who undergo aromatherapy massage often find an improvement in mood, sleeping issues and a reduction in muscular pain. A massage therapist will know which oils are most suited to the specific issue. Aromatherapy massage will leave you feeling more relaxed, less stressed and with a greater level of energy to adhere to your diet and workout regimen.

Stomach Massage

Stomach Massage

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a type of massage performed around the lymph nodes of the body. It helps strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, and increase the body’s metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight. Lymphatic massage reduces stress which helps minimize emotional eating. You can learn to perform lymphatic massages on yourself to support your weight loss goals. Lymph nodes are located in various areas of the body, but the most common massage areas for self-massages are around the throat, arm pits, and legs.

Lipid Bursting Massages

Most gyms and health salons offer lipid bursting massages these days. These lipid bursting massages help to burst fat cells and help you lose weight faster. Special oils and techniques are required for lipid bursting body massages. It is the toughest to lose belly fat. That is why stomach massages are very common as they help you lose stubborn belly fat. A lipid bursting massage on the stomach gives you that extra push to get abs.